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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garden and lifecycles part 4 (and some more!)

Wowza! (never used that word before...) this has been a busy week and we've only been in school for two days! (Catholic school-we had Monday off for Easter) We've been practicing every day for our "Easter People Mass" (which is tomorrow....GASP). Basically my kiddos are entirely responsible for a full length Catholic Mass, plus an extra part at the end where they each have a speaking part about what it means to be an Easter "Person." I'll let you know how it goes.

In other news, here's what we've been up to! Let me know what you think about some of the stuff we've been doing :)
1. The caterpillars have all made their chrysalis. They should be coming out any day now and we can't wait! Luke and Sparkle (the tadpoles) have sprouted teeny tiny little back legs and we are PUMPED.

2. We're having babies left and right in the Kindergarten classroom. Well, not "we," but the kids parents. We've had three new siblings born this year, two of them in the last two weeks! Here's what we do when a new baby comes. We make a "wish book" for the new baby. The kids get to color pictures of a baby and tell me what their wish is for the baby.

3. Plantin' time! I asked the parents for some seed donations and we got a bunch of empty yogurt containers from the cafeteria so we used them for planting seeds today. The kids made the labels and planted the seeds themselves. Hopefully some of them will actually come up!

4. "Super visor" job. We've been doing this for a few weeks now and the kids love it. Thanks Dr. Jean for the idea! I may have told you about this before...oh well. The super visor stands by the door whenever we line up and they wear a visor hat. Their job is to choose 2 sight words from the envelope and hold them up for the kids to read as they walk by. We had to work on the rules a little but now the kids really enjoy it, and it's a great review for our sight words every day. Here's the "super visor station" I made by the door. The envelope has all the sight words we've covered so far, and some cvc or ccvc words. This has prevented me from scrambling to find notecards to write sight words on right when we're trying to get to a class. 
Alright, time to play with my puppy. Hope you are having a lovely week! I'll keep you posted on the butterfly progress :)

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